Phil Fernando
Phil Fernando

People often ask me, apart from music, what are my main interests?


Well, I really love life, and I am truly young at heart and I live life to the full. I enjoy watching almost all sports, especially boxing and with a vast film collection of all the great fights ranging from Jack Johnson to Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson I am a real boxing enthusiast! I have always been fit and active and enjoyed pumping the iron myself in my younger days!  I suppose you could say I was a bit of a tough cat in my day!


I love going to the movies and the theater, but my real love is CARS!!!


Yes, guys, I am a real car freak! I love all things metal and petrol especially classic cars and best of all:  those great American cars! Over the years I have owned literally hundreds of cars, and I have always had at least one 'Yank' on my drive to remind me of the good old days when cars really were cars! Classy, spacious, smooth and luxurious. Check out some of the fabulous classic American cars I have owned over the years in my car gallery. I often wonder why I sold some of these great machines! 

Car Gallery

My beautiful and rare yellow and black classic

The numberplate of this one was great: "OOF"!


The GMC!

One of my more recent vehicles - great, but not a patch on the old 'Yanks'!


On my website I introduce myself and give you a glimpse of my life, work and hobbies.

My record "Make Ready for Love" released on Pye Nixa Records

My record "Do the High Life" released on Palette Records
My record "High Life Girl" released on Palette Records
My record "Wounded Knee" released on Sol-Doon Records (Pye)
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